Wheelie bin amnesty launched

Wyre Council has launched an amnesty on excess grey bins.
Wyre Council has launched an amnesty on excess grey bins.

FLEETWOOD has the biggest problem in Wyre when it comes to an excess of grey wheelie bins.

Wyre Council says in a survey of just 12 streets, 200 surplus bins were identified.

Now the authority has launched a month-long waste amnesty across the borough and it hopes residents will take advantage and free up space outside their homes.

Although most households should only have one grey bin for their non-recyclable rubbish, there has been an increase in the number of people putting out two or more on collection day.

Residents are being asked to surrender their spares back to the council during the month of September for the sake of the environment and the public purse.

Coun Pete Murphy, cabinet member with responsibility for waste at Wyre Council, said: “Trivial as it may sound, this is becoming something of an issue.

“We know people with multiple grey bins are filling these up instead of recycling and that’s something we need to discourage.

“More grey bins means more waste going to landfill.

“We all know the damage this does to the environment, but for those who have become blasé about it, consider this – the council has recycling targets to meet and if we don’t meet them, we lose funding.”

In Fleetwood, which the council says has the biggest problem, a visual check of just 12 streets revealed 200 more grey bins than there should be.

Just 100 extra bins adds an extra hour to the collection round and an extra trip to the tip, which again costs the council money.

Coun Murphy added: “There could be lots of reasons for the surplus. Some people take their bins with them when they move house, others take an empty bin back in thinking it’s theirs and then keep it.

“We have even heard of people who have wrongly reported a lost bin just to get an extra one – and at £35 for a replacement this isn’t fair to other residents.

“We hope people will be honest enough to surrender their extra bins during September before we have to start taking action ourselves.”

If you have more than one grey bin please contact the council on (01253) 891000 and collection arrangements will be made.

Households previously granted an exception because of more than five residents or specific medical conditions do not need to make contact.