'BE PREPARED': Residents living on the coast urged to get ready for Storm Eleanor

Wyre Council has told 'all residents living close to the coast ... to take precautions to reduce the threat of flooding to their properties'.

Tuesday, 2nd January 2018, 1:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 2nd January 2018, 8:10 pm
This map, from the government's flood warning information service, shows the area where flooding is possible when Storm Eleanor hits later this evening

The warning was issued ahead of Storm Eleanor's arrival tomorrow, when a weather warning for wind is in place from 6pm today.

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It added: "In response to warnings of windy weather we have taken the precaution to close all storms boards along the coast to reduce the risk of flooding.

"All residents living close to the coast are advised to take precautions to reduce the threat of flooding to their properties.

"Members of the public are advised to stay off the promenade and beach for their own safety, particularly during high tide, until the boards have been reopened."

The government's flood information service said flooding is possible at the estuary of the River Wyre this evening.

Picture: Met Office

It said: "People are advised to take additional care next to the coast and stay away from low lying land, roads and promenades.

"Some wave action is expected. High water levels can be expected two hours before and after the peak of the high tide.

"Environment Agency staff are monitoring the situation and checking tidal defences."

Meanwhile, managing director at Blackpool Transport, Jane Cole, said speed restrictions could be put in place on the tram network.

Picture: Met Office

"If [the wind] becomes too excessive, to the point we are concerned about safety, then the trams will not operate," she said.

A bus replacement service 'may be put on', she added, depending on the severity of the wind.

Blackpool Council urged people to 'avoid the prom' if possible from 6pm today.

Electricity North West said those who experience a power cut, or need to tell engineers of any damage, can call 105 for free.

And the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service issued safety advice, which included:

- Securing any outdoor furniture or bins, and ladders, etc;

- Allowing extra time when travelling, driving slower, and being aware of strong side winds; and

- Being extra vigilant when on exposed routes such as bridges or high, open roads.