Warning after bike theft increase

Crime news
Crime news

Police are warning residents to be vigilant after a spate of bicycle thefts in Cleveleys.

Since the beginning of July, 13 bikes have been stolen, with seven incidents happening in the last few weeks.

The thieves appear to have targeted unlocked cycles that have been left unattended outside shops, in gardens or outside of schools as children are collected.

PCSO Danny Holmes, of Fleetwood Police, said: “Cyclists should remain extra vigilant and take additional security measures to protect their bike.

“People should always use a bicycle lock, even if it is just being left for a short time and, where possible, keep their bikes indoors.

“Bicycles should be chained to something secure, such as a metal fence or lamp post, to stop them being carried away.”

Anyone with information about any bike thefts in the area, or anyone who sees suspicious activity is sked to call Lancashire Police on 101.