Walker stuck in mud up to his knees

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A walker had a lucky escape after getting stuck in mud up to his knees on Cleveleys beach.

The man had been walking on the stretch opposite The Venue, on North Promenade, when mud set fast around him, holding him in up to his ankles.

Emergency crews were called at around 6.30pm on Saturday and coastguard crews from Lytham and Fleetwood were sent to the scene with specialist equipment to free him.

But in the 15 minutes it took crews to arrive the man, who was alone, sunk further, up to his knee on one leg.

Now coastguard bosses have said the man had a lucky escape as the tide was going out and he was able to call for help quickly.

Paul Parkes, watch manager at Liverpool Coastguard, said: “It could have been a completely different situation.

“He was able to call us, a passerby went to help him but he told them not to go too close, and luckily the tide was going out.

“Mud sets quite quickly around you, we tell people to sit down to spread your bodyweight.”

The fire brigage were also on standby to offer assistance and an ambulance crew checked over the man once he was freed but did not need to take him to hospital.

Coastguard crews have now issued advice to anyone out walking on the Fylde coast beaches.

Mr Parkes added: “Our beaches do have areas of mud and quicksand, this is why having a mobile phone is such an essential and useful thing.”