VIDEO: Work begins to restore Park’s pond and stream

The next phase to restore Fleetwood’s Memorial Park is well under way.

Contractors have moved over to the pond area where they will remove silt from the bottom, widen it and restore the stream so that it flows again.

It’s all part of a £2.4m improvement scheme which will see the park’s biggest renovation in living memory.

A Wyre Council spokesman said: “The pond is heavily silted with organic matter, which we want to remove so that it can hold more water, as later in the year we’re going to plant around the pond and restore the stream so that it flows again.

“We will pump silt from the pond into silt bags which will be placed temporarily on the meadow area to the north of the pond.

“The bags will allow 
water to filter out of the silt and we will test it when it’s dry to check that it is safe to use on the park.

“Using a pump and silt bags is less invasive than dredging, minimising disruption and unnecessary costs. You’ll see the silt bags on the park for a few weeks, but we ask people not to touch them.”

The work is designed to boost local biodiversity within the park.

The plants in and around the edges will attract an array of wildlife and now we’ve removed some trees, more light reaches the water and the pond edges, which will allow them to flourish. The pond will gradually refill with rainwater and eventually, both pond and stream will mirror the original landscape created in the 1930s, which had the appearance of a mountain stream flowing to a tarn. Do you have any old photos of how the pond used to look?

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