Victory in tram campaign

Norbreck residents who called for their tram stop to be re-instated have been victorious
Norbreck residents who called for their tram stop to be re-instated have been victorious

The long-running campaign to get the tram stop at Norbreck North re-instated has ended in victory.

Residents and councillors in the area have been battling for three years since the stop was closed in 2012 after the new £100m tramway opened.

We are absolutely delighted with this good news

Thousands of pounds have been spent during the fight, which was launched after the tramway was left with a 1km gap between boarding points.

Councillors were told the news at a town hall meeting on Wednesday night, and today expressed their delight.

Norbreck ward councillor Maxine Callow said: “We are absolutely delighted with this good news. We have been told the stop will be reinstated before Easter next year.

“The people in the area, along with councillors, have been lobbying for over four years for the reinstatement of this tram stop, and it will mean a lot to the people living round there.

“There are a lot of elderly people and people with young children who have had to walk a long way to get a tram.

“When the weather is bad or they have shopping, it has been very inconvenient.

“Perhaps when it’s reinstated, we could have a champagne reception.”

Councillors Peter and Maxine Callow have allocated £25,000 towards the campaign, while the Sandhurst Area Panel also agreed to donate money from its budget.

At Wednesday’s meeting, Coun Callow asked deputy leader and new tramways boss Coun Gillian Campbell, what progress had been made on a tram service review.

“I kind of thought you might ask about this again,” Coun Camphell told her.

“So I have actually have something prepared.”

Council leader Simon Blackburn then held his mobile phone to a microphone in the chamber and played a mock tram announcement which said: “This service terminates at Starr Gate. The next stop is Norbreck North.”

Coun Campbell said: “Persistence pays off.

“We said we would review the tram project and we have been doing that. I am very pleased to announce the Norbreck tram stop will be re-instated for Easter 2016.”

The cost of the reinstatement, estimated to be £180,000 in 2012, has yet to be revealed.