Vandal threat to Marine Hall future

Damage at the Marine Hall.
Damage at the Marine Hall.

Furious town hall chiefs have blasted mindless vandals for a rampage at Fleetwood’s Marine Hall – and have warned they don’t have a ‘bottomless purse’ to repair it.

More than £1,000 of damage was caused at the weekend when windows were smashed in two separate incidents.

The first, overnight on Saturday, saw around 30 glass panels in the feature rooftop lantern being broken, with glass falling all over the stage.

This was followed 24 hours later by 10 broken windows on the Promenade side of the building, where yobs appear to have used stones from the beach.

With events booked in on Sunday and Monday, clearing and boarding up was swift.

But the Leader of Wyre Council, Coun Peter Gibson, hit back at those responsible with a warning that they might one day be putting the venue’s future in doubt.

He said: “It’s so infuriating to once again be wasting taxpayers’ money just because some irresponsible people have no respect for public buildings or the community they live in.

“Aside from the cost, this stunning building also looks unsightly with plywood where the windows should which could put off potential event bookings.

“The Marine Hall is one of Fleetwood’s jewels and we have no intention of losing such a fantastic venue. Staff are putting 110 per cent into making it work and the council has invested heavily, but there is no bottomless purse.

“We are already facing massive financial pressures without incidents like this making it worse. I would urge residents to show some more of their fierce passion for Fleetwood and help us root out who is responsible.”

One community leader, Bob Boal of the Fleetwood Development Partnershop, said: “It is hard to understand why these people do it.

“After all the work that has been done in the Marine Gardens, this is the last thing we need.It is especially worrying that these offences could jeopardise the Marine Hall’s future. It is such a vital building for Fleetwood.”

Derek Eaton, chairman of Fleetwood Chamber of Trade: “It’s diabolical. As traders, we have suffered from plenty of this ourselves. It’s a great shame.”