UPDATE: Toddler injured in car collision

Lord Street, Fleetwood, scene of a road traffic accident.
Lord Street, Fleetwood, scene of a road traffic accident.

A two-year-old boy is being treated for head injuries following a collision with a car in Fleetwood town centre.

The youngster was in collision with a dark green Land Rover as the vehicle travelled along Lord Street, just outside the town’s Poundstretcher store.

He was transfered to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in an Air Ambulance and is expected to stay there for a few days. Police say his injury is not life-threatening.

Passers-by were alerted to the incident at 11.33am when a relative of the youngster screamed in alarm and they were able to help make the boy comfortable on the edge of the road.

While the group waited for emergency services to arrive, pensioner Harry Thornley, who was manning a Jehovah’s Witness stand just across the road, rushed across and directed traffic.

It took an ambulance crew five minutes to arrive at the scene and tend to the youngster, who was conscious.

Police arrived around five minutes later, blocked off the road with their vehicles and then spoke to the shaken driver of the vehicle, who had parked several yards up the road.

The youngster was carried into the ambulance which left the immediate scene and it is understood he was then transferred into an air ambulance.

Mr Thornley said: “I just went across the road to try and do my bit, really. It happened very suddenly, I saw he was lying there and he was still in the road, so I just stood there until the traffic stopped.”

Trams passing down Lord Street were also halted.

The eight-vehicle police cordon, between Poulton Street and Preston Street, remained in place as officers surveyed the scene and spoke to witnesses.

Busy Lord Street, which has two-way road traffic as well as trams passing along it, witnessed another serious road accident in March when a woman was trapped under a van for two hours, just a short distance from where from the latest accident took place.