UFOs 'could have been hoax'

STRANGE lights in the sky seen in Fleetwood and Poulton before Christmas could have a rational explanation - a cheeky hoax!

That's what Fleetwood taxi driver Mike Sharples says after he saw youths larking about in Thornton with home made "air balloons".

Such devices consist of lightweight plastic carrier bags with small candles attached.

Mike, who drives a taxi for a Cleveleys firm but lives in Fleetwood, said: "I am fairly sure that the mysterious UFO lights were just part of a prank by these young lads.

"If you see these things from a distance away, they can look very convincing.

"On the night I saw these lads, near the Thornton health clinic, there was a very feint breeze which would have carried the things over Poulton, where some of these lights were reported.

"I saw one of them set alight and crash to the ground before the others went up!"

Several reports of orange lights were made by people in the North Fylde area who had never seen such a sight before.

There remains a strong interest in UFOs across the world, despite the views by sceptics that there is a rational explanation to sightings of unusual lights in the sky and other phenomena.

Recently national newspapers carried stories of orange balls of light in Lincolnshire.