Trinity share end of life standards

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Fylde Trinity Hospice has been holding workshops to help improve end of life care in residential homes.

The training programme, called The Six Steps to Success, came about after the Government’s End of Life strategy was published last year.

The free workshops will ensure every care home will have a champion of end of life care, as well as supporting and empowering staff to deliver such care.

Trinity Hospice, based on Low Moor Road in Bispham, has appointed Vivienne Trott as facilitator for the programme.

Vivienne has worked at the hospice for the past 12 years, where she has gained invaluable experience.

End of life care at the hospice has been of a gold standard for a long time and now it is hoped staff there can share their knowledge and expertise with others.

Vivienne said: “Care homes carry out their work with their own skill and expertise at sometimes difficult times.

“By attending and partaking in the workshops, it will empower care homes to be at the forefront in end of life care, thus increasing their knowledge and confidence.

“For their achievements, the champion receives a certificate and their care home receives one too.

“The portfolio will contain evidence of their work and achievements to show the Care Quality Commission.

“I believe end of life care is an important aspect of caring for residents – you only get one chance to get it right.

“I look forward to working with care home staff in developing their skills, enabling them to continue to give excellent quality end of life care.”