Tributes to ‘little terrier’ who fought for her town

Pat Driver, of the Bold Street Residents Association.
Pat Driver, of the Bold Street Residents Association.

Tributes have been paid to one of Fleetwood’s true community champions who has died at the age of 66.

Pat Driver was one of the founder members of the Bold Street Residents Association, a group which was dedicated to tidying up the streets – and even tackling crime – around Bold Street.

Pat was chairman of the now disbanded group, and played a key role in various projects, including raising funds to obtain CCTV cameras which helped convict a number of nuisance criminals plaguing the neighbourhood.

But Pat, a mother-of-three and a grandmother who originally came from Burnley, suffered from poor health in recent years, struggling from the painful conditional, rheumatoid arthritis.

And Pat then discovered she had an even bigger foe to battle – lung cancer. Sadly, she lost her fight for life, dying in Blackpool Victoria Hospital on April 24 from pneumonia, with family members around her.

Her partner Mike Hindle – who was once married to Pat and got back together with her in later years – said: “Pat was like a little terrier, she would never back down.

“But people respected her. With the other members of the Bold Street Residents Association, she tried to life make better in the neighbourhood.”

Coun Ron Shewan, who represents Pharos ward on Wyre Council, knew Pat well and worked with the group.

He said: “Pat was one of those people who tried to make a difference to the place where she lived.

“It’s very said to hear of her death.”

Pat also helped tackle a problem the area had with rubbish, on Bold Street, Windsor Terrace and Balmoral Terrace.

With the large houses mostly divided into flats, it was difficult at that time for residents to obtain wheelie bins, so rubbish had to be stored just in black sacks.

Often, these would be ripped open by seagulls and cats, strewing rubbish into the street.

But the Bold Street group clubbed together to buy special community refuse boxes to sort the problem out.

Jenny Jackson, of Balmoral Terrace, who was treasurer of the association, added: “Pat worked tirelessly, she was a fighting force to try and get things done in Pharos ward.”

The funeral service for 
Pat, who had moved with Mike to a ground-floor flat on Green Drive in Cleveleys, will be 
held at Carleton Crematorium this Friday, beginning at