Tributes after tragic death of port man, 23

Steven Whalley, of Fleetwood.
Steven Whalley, of Fleetwood.

A mother has been left devastated by the death of her son from an epileptic fit at the age of just 23.

Steven Whalley was found dead by his mother just three years after being diagnosed with epilepsy.

Steven, who was on medication for the condition was discovered at his home on Fleetwood’s West View

estate by Michelle a fortnight ago.

A funeral was held for Steven last Wednesday at Carleton Crematorium, where family and friends gathered to pay their respects.

The father-of-one, of Brock Avenue, whose son Justin is four years old, had been hoping to become a full-time volunteer at West View community Centre on Eden Avenue, on the estate where he had grown up.

Michelle, 45, of Calder Avenue, said: “The whole family has been devastated. I found him in his flat and it has been very difficult.

“We are a close family and he always visited me every day and went to see his grandmother.

“A lot of people turned up for the funeral, it was a lovely service. People have been very kind.

“He was well known here on West View and he was part of Community Change which helped set up the People’s Park on Martindale Avenue.”

Shaun MacNeill, vice chairman of West View Community Association, said: “Steven had a long-standing connection with the Association and his death came as a terrible shock.

“As a youngster he joined our Dream Team scheme and more recently had been looking to become a volunteer.

“He was just awaiting clearance when he died, it is very sad.”

Lynn Mosson, chairman of West View Community Association, said: “We have got a collection going here for Epilepsy Action, the charity his family want the donations to go to.

“We were all shocked about what happened, everyone here knew him.”

Steven had been learning First Aid in the weeks before his death.

After leaving school the former Charles Saer Primary and Fleetwood High School pupil had briefly been in the Army and worked for three years at a rock factory in Blackpool.

He had harboured hopes of becoming a chef but three years ago he developed epilepsy and suffered fits, which affected his work ambitions.

Steven often helped out at West View Community Centre. He came from a large family and was one of nine children. He was no longer with the mother of his young son but had a new relationship. His funeral service was conducted by Father Stephen Scholes, and the beginning of his funeral service included one of his favourite songs, Stay With Me, by DJ Ironik, which he used to sing with his


The Preston and West Lancashire Coroner’s office confirmed there would be no inquest into Steven’s death.

The tragedy at Fleetwood came at a time when another charity, the Epilepsy Society, said more needed to be done to tackle “avoidable deaths” among people with the condition.