Trader’s fury at more roadworks

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A WOMAN whose business has been driven to the brink of bankruptcy has slammed those behind tramway works in Fleetwood.

After months of disruption, Anna Stefani, of The Ferry Cafe on The Esplanade, hoped the worst was over – but now the workers have returned.

Repairs have begun on part of the tracks and a parking bay has been cut out of the pavement in front of the cafe.

And while the work is being done barriers have been left around site.

Lancashire County Council has denied failing to notify locals.

But Mrs Stefani said: “It has been mismanaged by the people in charge,

“They just don’t tell you anything about what’s going on.

“It’s reaching the point where I wonder if it’s going to be worth carrying on.

“We have been here 47 years and we have become satisfied with less and less profit.

“Last winter we came so close to bankruptcy.”

And Mrs Stefani said workmen will have to return to relay an uneven surface and that a drainage grid has been left in its original position when it needed to be moved.

She added: “The water will flow past the grid down the slope and we will just get a huge puddle.”

But a spokesman for county hall said: “We have kept the ferry cafe fully informed before and during this work, including meetings on site.

“We hope to carry out the final surfacing work in early March. Any issues with draining will also be sorted when this work is completed.”

On the tram tracks liaison officer for contractors Bam Nuttall, Mark Armstrong, said: “Once you put concrete in you have to let it set for 48 hours and then we can put the next bed down.

“That is why there will be no activity there for a couple of days.

“We have done a letter drop to say we are doing track works but we can’t tell people everything that is going on.”