Stop the diggers, it’s past bedtime!

Fleetwood resident John Hardingham in front of one of the works vehicles keeping residents on West Way awake at night.
Fleetwood resident John Hardingham in front of one of the works vehicles keeping residents on West Way awake at night.

Residents living on one of Fleetwood’s most pot-holed roads were delighted when repair work was finally set to begin – except for one thing.

The road works on West Way, close to Rossall School, are being carried out when many of the householders are trying to get to sleep.

Diggers arrive at 6.30pm and don’t cease working until 11.30pm.

Heavy vehicles were on site last week and this week.

Lancashire County Council says the work has to be undertaken at such a time because during the daytime, lorries use the road to transport materials for work on the new £86m Rossall sea wall project which started earlier this month. Fears were raised roads would be further damaged by the trucks if urgent repairs wer not undertaken.

But angry residents say County Hall has known about that for months and should have carried out the road works earlier.

Taxi driver John Hardingham, 73, (pictured right) gets up at 5.30am for work each day, and goes to bed at 9.30pm. The ex-trawler skipper said: “It’s a real nuisance because I’ve been lying there trying to get to sleep and the noise from these machines is really loud. I know it won’t go on forever, but it is still very insensitive and I can’t understand why the county council has done it. One of the machines was enormous and was making a real racket.

“Most of the people down here are retired and elderly and go to bed early. It’s a crazy time to be doing heavy work in a quiet residential area.”

Mr Hardingham added: “I’m glad they are repairing the road because the potholes here are terrible. It’s needed doing for a long time. But it’s just too late at night.”

Those feelings were echoed by neighbour Margaret Hudson, 70, who said: “The other night it was even later than 11.30pm. It’s just ridiculous.”

There has already been controversy over the fact that West Way was even chosen as a route for the sea wall lorries.

Residents have already pointed out that the state of the road surface is already appalling, and that heavy trucks carrying boulders for the sea wall would only make things worse.

Lancashire County Council has tried to address the issue by fixing the road surface, but now residents are unhappy about the works timetable.

Sim Lane-Dixon, highways manager for Wyre, said: “We’re very sorry for the nuisance to residents caused by carrying out this resurfacing work in the evening. Our operations team is aware of this and has been trying to complete each day’s work as early as possible and to keep noise levels as low as possible.

“There are four more evenings’ work left to do, and I hope that residents will feel it is worth the disruption in the longer term as the new surface will make a real difference in reducing the levels of road noise caused by HGVs delivering to the nearby site. “