Steam rail tourism plan for port

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Steam trains pulling into Fleetwood on weekends could help put the town on the national tourist map – and give a boost to local businesses.

Ambitious dual plans by Poulton and Wyre Railway Society to revive Fleetwood’s rail link could establish the town as a magnet for seaside tourists and heritage rail enthusiasts from all over the country.

And this would be combined with a diesel passenger service from Monday to Friday, taking Fleetwood folk to Poulton station, and from there further afield, meaning travellers would not have to rely on more long-winded bus routes.

Fleetwood lost its rail link some 40 years, but a groundswell of opinion backs moves to finally restore it.

Eddie Fisher, chairman of Poulton and Wyre Railway Society, told the Weekly News: “Projects like this obviously need a business plan, and this week we are due to present our business plan to the three stakeholders, Wyre Council, Lancashire County Council and Northern Rail.

“In that plan we outline all the relevant details needed to progress this scheme.

“If the stakeholders hold no objections, we will then move forward with our funding bid.

“The point is that restoring the rail link will not cost as much as some people think.

“It is relatively inexpensive and would cost less than £1m.

“We already have a supplier of diesel stock ready to provide us with the trains, once we get the green light and funding for the track work.”

The first phase of work, with a timeline set for 2015/16, would see the train link 
restored to Burn Naze in Thornton, before continuing on to Fleetwood.