Lifeboat warning as walkers cut off by tide

Beach warning sign at Fleetwood
Beach warning sign at Fleetwood

Lifeboat crews are warning people to be cautious when walking out across the sands at low tide.

What looks like an open stretch of sand to walk acrosssafely before the tide comes in, can be extremely misleading as one couple found out this week.

Fleetwood lifeboat crew were called out to an incident in which a man and woman from the Preston area, and their dog, had become cut off by the incoming tide. A member of the public alerted the coastguard when it became clear they were in difficulty.

Lifeboat helmsman Ian Ellarby said: “They were about 600 metres out at the top of Agnew Road.

“They were cut off by the incoming tide and were waist-deep in water holding their dog. They were lucky a member of the public alerted the coastguard, we got there just in time.

Paul Ashworth, coxswain of Fleetwood Lifeboat, said that the sea goes out two miles – which leaves a lot of sand that’s attractive to walkers.

He said: “The trouble is, there are several deep gullies between the shore and Wyre Light so when the tide comes in, it fills these first and they can often catch out a walker returning to the promenade.

“The best advice is to know the tide times and not to venture any further out than necessary.

“The tide times are shown on the Fleetwood Lifeboat website