Fleetwood will be ready for trams

An artist's impression of supertram on Lord Street, Fleetwood.
An artist's impression of supertram on Lord Street, Fleetwood.

BLACKPOOL Council insists Fleetwood will be ready for the new supertram service this Easter.

As the Fylde coast celebrates the launch of the service on April 6, there are fears the town could be left with only a partial service meaning a trams welcome party would fall flat.

A question mark hangs over the completion of an electricity sub-station in the Euston Park, which is at risk of being delayed. If it is not finished in time, it could mean trams would have to stop at Fisherman’s Walk, leaving no service along Lord Street.

However, Blackpool Council says that not only is it hopeful the work will be ready, but the disruption will be minimal even it if isn’t – and trams may still be able to get round the loop at the Pharos end of town.

Chris Anslow, Lancashire County Council’s public transport development manager, said: “There has been a delay in the planning process which has meant the construction of the sub station had to start later than anticipated.

“In addition, the strong winds we’ve experienced recently have affected progress.

“We are still working hard towards having the station up and running by April 6, the scheduled date for the full re-opening of the tramway. But this depends on there being no prolonged severe weather conditions.

“If it doesn’t prove possible to have the sub-station fully operational by April 6, the new tram service will be temporarily limited to running to and from Fisherman’s Walk.”

But project manager for Blackpool Council, Paul Grocott, said he thought they would make the deadline.

He added: “I think as long as we keep pushing we will be running the service.

“It’s tight and it has been for a while.But we don’t want to complete the tramway and not have a service into Fleetwood.”

Chairman of Fleetwood Chamber of Trade, Derek Eaton, said he was working with the town council to try to push for an early completion and added: “Time is on our side and we are hope we can negotiate a way out of this. They should be taking steps to ensure there is no uncertainty.”

Fleetwood Town Council chairman Coun Alan Marsh said: “I am in touch with Blackpool Transport to try to clarify the situation.

“We will also be having a meeting to see the best way to generate publicity for Fleetwood when the service resumes.”