Driver’s lucky escape from crash

The damaged Honda CR-V after the crash
The damaged Honda CR-V after the crash

A DRIVER had a miraculous escape after colliding with a fence on a Pilling Road.

A fence post speared the windscreen just a few feet from his head during the collision – smashing through the passenger seat and out of the side of the car.

The accident happened on Sunday on Lancaster Road, close to its junction with Union Lane.

Passing cyclist Neil Philo from St Annes photographed the scene and told the Weekly News: “We saw a very shaken up young man, aged between 18 and 20 being collected from the scene of the crash by a man.

“It appears the driver was only two feet from certain death and if a passenger had been in the car, they would have been skewered by the ‘pointed’ fence rail.”

A spokeswoman for Lancashire Police said: “We had a call about a Honda CR-V found in a field from someone concerned about potential injuries.

“There was extensive damage to the vehicle but because it was not obstructing traffic, we didn’t have it moved.

“We’re aware details have been exchanged with the parties involved.

“It looks like this is a very luck driver.”

Police said they were happy no other vehicle was involved in the accident and their log was now closed on the incident.

Mr Philo said: “While I took these pictures, a couple on a tandem, a pair of cyclists and a solo cyclist all passed by, which shows how lucky these cyclists were too.”