Tram users hit out at reduced trips to port

Tram at Fisherman's Walk, Fleetwood
Tram at Fisherman's Walk, Fleetwood

Blackpool Transport has defended its policy of sending just one in three trams on the full journey to Fleetwood after 6.15pm.

Some passengers trying to get home to Fleetwood or Cleveleys late in the day are unhappy that two out of three trams travelling north come to a halt at Bispham, before heading back to Blackpool.

They say there have even been occasions when tram users don’t know their trams will end the journey at Bispham and have to get off and wait for the next one to Fleetwood.

But Blackpool Transport says that the fewer numbers travelling to the port in the evenings do not justify sending every tram all the way to Fleetwood. All trams go the full distance until the final one leaves Starr Gate at 6.15pm – then it’s one in every three.

Denise Hook, 52, of Belmont Road, Fleetwood, who works a late shift at Primark in Blackpool and doesn’t leave work until after 8pm, said: “The Number 1 bus stops operating in the evenings so I rely on the tram for a direct journey back to Fleetwood. But only on in every three trams goes all the way back, which means I am waiting around up to half an hour. It feels like people from our end get a raw deal.”

A spokeswoman said: “The longest they wait is just half an hour, and the trams run until after midnight.That’s not bad.”