Traffic report could shape Lancashire housing plans

Work continues on the Broughton Bypass plan
Work continues on the Broughton Bypass plan

A detailed traffic report into the A6 could shape the future of housing in and around Garstang.

The work, compiled by Lancashire County Council, focuses on the stretch between junction one of the M55 to north of Garstang, to determine how much development the road can safely support.

It is so important the capacity of the A6 is given serious and immediate consideration

The not-yet-finished report will be used to help Wyre Council decide several major applications including a major Nateby development which proposes more than 300 homes to be built.

County councfor Garstang, Sandra Perkins, says it is “essential” local residents are consulted during the complication of the report.

She said: “It is so important the capacity of the A6 is given serious and immediate consideration.

“The government’s housing strategy is being pressed upon us but it is not acceptable when it’s obvious the road is unsuitable to take excessive traffic. Also the report needs to gather information from those who use the A6 and live in close in close proximity. Looking at maps is not acceptable, the report need first hard user input.” Neil Stevens, Lancashire County Council’s highway development control manager, said: “It’s important that the road network is able to safely support the needs of future growth, in terms of housing and businesses.

“A key notable change to the A6 road network is the construction of the Broughton Bypass which links into the M55 at the signalised Junction 1. Funding is currently being secured from developers to provide additional capacity coming off the M55 Junction 1 slip roads. If planning approval is granted for the Preston Western Distributor, a new junction two would be created on the M55, providing additional capacity to the network.”

What Wyre Council say on housing plans

“A key issue on each application individually and cumulatively is the impact on the local and strategic highway network. The work being carried out by Lancashire County Council will provide advice on the overall cumulative capacity of the local network, and its impact on the network and for each application will provide advice on whether the development would or would not have a severe impact on the network and whether in each case any impact can be mitigated by off site works within the corridor.”