Traffic fears as plan for news homes is revealed

A blueprint for the future of Wyre has been met with mixed opinions. While some have welcome planned development in the area, many worry about the impact on the roads and local school places

Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:33 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th September 2017, 11:52 am
This map show where some of the sites earmarked for development are

This week we revealed Wyre Council’s plans for building thousands of new homes in the borough.

The proposed local plan sets out a vision for Wyre over the next 14 years, showing how future demand for housing will be met.

Lambs Road in Thornton is one of the sites earmarked for development

A Wyre Council spokesman told The Gazette this week: “[The plan} includes proposals for new homes and employment and policies to manage development.”

The council had come under fire in the past for its lack of local plan, which was blamed for developers being able to push through some schemes in the borough in spite of public objections.

Major developments that could come to fruition under the plan, if approved, include:

n 120 homes as part of an overhaul of the Fleetwood Dock and Marina

Lambs Road in Thornton is one of the sites earmarked for development

n A total of 437 new homes on land off Lambs Road and Raikes Road in Thornton

n 106 homes at land off Holts Lane in Poulton

n 100 homes on fields to the west of Cockerham Road in Garstang

The proposed plan is now set to go out to public consultation.

After The Gazette published details of the plan, showing where the planned developments would be, readers reacted on social media.

While several people welcomed the idea of new homes to address the demand for properties in the area, many people voiced concerns about the existing infrastructure and whether it would be able to cope with thousands more families living in Wyre.

Traffic, flooding and the number of places at local schools and doctors’ surgeries were some of the issues raised.

Here’s what you had to say on the subject:

No issues at all with more houses being built in the right areas.

However until we discuss road improvements/ the railway to Fleetwood reopening/ new schools/ more doctors/ more dentists etc, it’s the same old mess.

Can’t keep building houses and NOT updating infrastructure and services.

- Chris Gregson

Perhaps developers should spend some time at Shard Bridge in a morning before they go diving in!

Over Wyre doesn’t even have a decent bus service, let alone space for shed loads of housing.

- Catherine Gilbert

So what happens to the animals and wildlife that are losing their grazing area? All these houses means more flooded areas.

- Tracey Wright

Exactly the same around the M55, Blackpool.

More and more developments but no infrastructure improvements.

The roads are incredibly clogged at the best of times. Building more homes is just going to create utter gridlock.

- Mathew Bailey

What’s the point of having green belt land, if they can just build on it?

- Stephen Wingus

Not impressed! Roads are busy enough via Stannah and Amounderness Way.

Goodness knows what it’s going to be like when those houses are built.

- Steph Hesk

Only worth it if it is council owned properties and not private developers.

- Gareth McBride

The road system can’t cope now.

God knows what it’d be like with thousands of new homes.

- Paul Corry

“Take your housebuilding elsewhere” equals “Take your jobs, roads, schools, doctors etc elsewhere”.

No one invests in a stagnant area.

- Paul Wright

Where is the new hospital to care for them?


Just build them, assuming they will be used for local residential needs

- Cherles Regan