Trams between Bispham and Fleetwood have reopened after a 'medical emergency'

Bispham Station on the Promenade.
Bispham Station on the Promenade.

Tram services between Bispham and Fleetwood have restarted after a 'medical emergency', Blackpool Transport announced.

Shortly after 6am, a woman fell ill near Bispham tram station, at the western end of Redbank Road, Bispham, prompting a temporary closure of the transport line.

As paramedics treated the woman at the scene, Blackpool Transport announced that "the 06:29 from Bispham northbound and 07:03 Fleetwood Ferry tram" would not be operating due to a "medical emergency".

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The North West Ambulance Service confirmed that the woman was taken to the Blackpool Victoria Hospital by paramedic, though her condition is not known.

Blackpool Transport have since confirmed that all tram services are now operating as normal after the incident.