These are some of the flooded Blackpool roads you should avoid

Rigby Road, Blackpool. Credit: Richard Forsythe
Rigby Road, Blackpool. Credit: Richard Forsythe

Torrential rain has led to flooding across Blackpool this morning (October 11).

The heavy rainfall has led to difficulties for motorists, with one car having to be recovered from a flooded Devonshire Road last night.

People have even reported seeing dead rats flushed out of sewer drains in Cunliffe Road.

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Fire crews from South Shore were called to a flooded home in Queen Victoria Road at 9.22pm last night (October 10).

"Their was concern about the electrics being affected", said a fire service spokesman.

"When crews arrived they found there were several properties on the street affected and firefighters assisted by isolating the electrics and using an ejector pump to remove the water.

"All occupants were given advice before firefighters left the scene. Crews were in attendance around 35 minutes."

Police are also warning people to avoid walking into flooded roads after reports of children entering the water to help stranded motorists.

Last night, Devonshire Road bridge flooded and two manhole covers became loose, revealing a 10ft drop hole into the sewer.

Children were seen going into the water to help stranded vehicles, but police said this could put them in danger.

Roads to avoid in Blackpool due to flooding

- Whitegate Drive

- Cunliffe Road

- Devonshire Road

- Staining Road

- Chain Lane

- Rigby Road

- Collingwood Avenue

- Highfield Road

- Lawson Road

- Preston Old Road

- Waterloo Road

- Marton Drive

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