Told she was unlikely to conceive – meet Lena, mum of four, at 22

Proud Lena Williams and Aaron Hine with Levi (centre) and Ryan (front)
Proud Lena Williams and Aaron Hine with Levi (centre) and Ryan (front)

A Fleetwood couple are celebrating being the proud parents of triplets.

The three little brothers – Josh, Jayden and Jax – were born to Lena Williams and Aaron Hine, of Wolsley Road, on Monday, April 13.



And it seems the babies were in something of a hurry!

They were originally expected in June but decided to arrive early.

After getting in her mum’s car at 7.10pm, all three of Lena’s triplets were born within the hour – making her the proud mum of four at just 22.

Beautician Lena said: “It’s absolutely amazing, I couldn’t be happier. It’s been a real whirlwind.



“The doctors didn’t want me to go full term all the way to July because it would have been a lot for me to carry, so they were going to induce them in June. But you can’t hold back nature!”

She added: “My mum was brilliant, I don’t know what I’d have done without her.”

It is all a dream for the couple, especially as Lena was told at 17 that she would be unlikely to be a mum because of a health issue.

But the couple turned to the NHS for help and tried the fertility drug Clomid.



Now the proud parents of four boys, they haven’t looked back.

Around 200 sets of triplets are born in the UK each year.

The drama began when Lena felt unwell and called her mum. They thought the babies might be coming early, but didn’t realise how early.

After mum Pam Williams came around and drove Lena to Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Josh was the first to come out and weighed in at 2lbs 6oz (7.57pm), with Jayden at 2lbs 5oz (8.05pm) and Jax at 2lbs 6.5 oz (8.10pm).

Proud dad Aaron, 27 – a products tester at Laleham Health & Beauty near Kirkham – missed the birth because things happened so quickly.

He was looking after the couple’s other son, 18-month-old Ryan, and didn’t realise the triplets were due so soon.

After getting a call from the hospital, he asked a relative to look after Ryan and dashed to Blackpool on his motorcycle, but he was just too late to see them born.

But Aaron, who has a six-year-old daughter, Levi, from a previous relationship, is just delighted all the babies are well. They were taken off the ventilator after just one day, but are still getting a little help to breathe with a special appliance called a CPAP.

The babies are expected to remain in hospital for another two months, as they are still so tiny, but are all making excellent progress.

Lena’s parents, Alun and Pam Williams, are also delighted to be grandparents again and Pam, 53, of Seabank Road, said: “They’re so beautiful, we’re just glad they are all right.”