This is why the air ambulance landed in Fleetwood yesterday evening

The air ambulance touched down in Fleetwood yesterday (Sunday, April 18) after a brick wall reportedly collapsed on a 12-year-old girl.

Monday, 19th April 2021, 9:27 am
Updated Monday, 19th April 2021, 12:47 pm

A child has reportedly suffered serious leg injuries after the wall came crashing down on her at a home in Whinfield Avenue, near the One Stop shop in Lindel Road, shortly after 6pm.

The air ambulance landed on the green at nearby Greenfield Road where its onboard medics were met by a road ambulance which rushed them to the scene.

The girl is understood to have suffered serious injuries to both of her legs and was taken to Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool for emergency treatment.

The air ambulance landed off Greenfield Road in Fleetwood before onboard paramedics attended a home in neighbouring Lindel Road. Pic: Sarah Louise

An ambulance service spokesman said: "We were called to a home in Whinfield Avenue following a 999 call at 6.07pm.

"I can confirm we have taken a girl to hospital with a serious leg injury by road ambulance.

"The emergency incident was attended by air ambulance and emergency ambulance crews."

North West Ambulance Service said the child's current condition is not known, but enquiries are being made.

Glenis Turner, 74, of Whinfield Avenue, said: "As you can imagine everyone was out looking to find out what had happened as there was paramedics on the street and then the helicopter landed.

"It was really good to see everyone working quickly to help the poor girl. I didn't know what had happened but found out that a wall had collapsed. I really hope she is doing OK in hospital."

Her neighbour, Paul Mackintosh, 54, also of Whinfield Avenue, added: "We had arrived back home but couldn't drive down the street because of the ambulances, not that it was a problem.

"We couldn't see what had happened but the fact that the air ambulance had been sent out meant someone needed help fast. Some of the houses along this road aren't in the best of condition so I'm not surprised a wall had collapsed.

"I hope the girl is OK and she can recover from what has happened. Hopefully someone will find out what happened."