‘The Beehive centre not likely to re-open’

Beehive centre, Manor Road, Fleetwood
Beehive centre, Manor Road, Fleetwood

It re-opened two years ago with bright hopes and a proverbial buzz of community interest.

But The Beehive community centre on Fleetwood’s Warren Farm estate now looks likely to be sold, it has been confirmed.

The community centre, on Manor Road, was revived with a new committee in April 2012 after it had been shut for several years.

But the facility has been struggling ever since a number of regular groups, who paid rent to use the premises, ceased activities earlier in the summer.

And the executive committee of the Warren Farm have now decided it is no longer financially viable to keep the centre open.

Coun Emma Anderton, (pictured above) secretary of the Warren Farm Community Association, said: “It is a real shame, we tried really hard to keep it going. But each month we are faced with on-going bills such as the insurance, gas, electric and telephone.

“And with other places like Fleetwood Fire Station and Asda offering community spaces for free, it has been really hard to trying to get groups in - even for very low rent.”

The Beehive was given a boost last year when it was granted £13,000 by Wyre Council’s Shaping Your Neighbourhood scheme, but this money was used on building repairs and not for on-going bills. The centre did have a regular youth group, Mikeyz, which was set up in honour of tragic teenager Mikey Taylor, who died in an accident at home in 2010. Sadly, the group’s current leader is no longer well enough to run it.

Further blows came when the local Wyre Women’s Group and a group run by the Probation Service suffered funding cuts and could no longer rent the rooms.

Coun Anderton added: “We are having to liaise with the Charity Commission to find out how the residents association can be dissolved, and try and evaluate the building and sell it.

“We would then spread the money among other Fleetwood charitable groups with similar constitutions.

“The only alternatives would be a large cash donation, which is unlikely or for another organisation to take the centre on.”