Ten things you’ll only know if you are from Fleetwood

The Mount
The Mount

Fisherman’s Friend, Fleetwood Town and Alfie Boe are some of Fleetwoods better know exports, but here are 10 things you’ll only know if you are from Fleetwood.

1. You always ended up in Harlequins or Planters at the end of a night out.

2. You knew where to get Vimto lollies and parched peas from.

3. You or someone you know will do ‘that’ dance to Electric Dreams at every family party.

4. You’ve rolled an Easter egg and yourself down The Mount.

5. You remember and miss Fleetwood pier.

6. You know that Grime’s pork pies are the best.

7. You remember when Tram Sunday actually featured trams.

8. You remember when the memorial park had peacocks.

9. You know how to play golf in force ten gales.

10. You are proud of the Eros statue, but have no idea why it is there.

Don’t agree, there are many more so post your suggestions below.