Teenager stuck in tree is rescued by fire crews

Firefighters were called out to rescue the teenager
Firefighters were called out to rescue the teenager

A teenager had to be rescued by firefighters after he got stuck up a tree in Anchorsholme, say fire services.

A specialist rope rescue team and two fire engines were called out to the incident on Eastpines Drive at around 1.45pm on August 29.

Firefighters say the 13 year-old had become stuck after he climbed 8 metres up and couldn't find a route down.

Crew Manager Nic Robinson said: "When we arrived the boy had been up there for around half an hour and seemed quite worn out by the experience.

"In the end we were confident we could get the boy down safely using a 13.5m ladder.

"We had three or four tries to position the ladder avoiding branches and trying to get it in the right place.

"Thankfully, the boy was brought down safe and sound and was very grateful to be rescued.

"We would advise children not to climb trees. Getting up there is clearly the easy part but getting down is much harder."

Nobody was injured during the incident.