Teenage haven in Mikey’s memory

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THE heartbroken mother of a Fleetwood teenager who died in a tragic accident is striving to offer young people a safe haven.

Mary Stirzaker’s son Mikey Taylor died when he accidentally hanged himself in the garden of their home on Shakespeare Road.

Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor

On the night he died in October last year, Mikey, 16, had an argument with his mother and left home, deciding to play a trick on his younger brother who was at the cinema with his friends.

However, the trick went tragically wrong and Mikey was found dead by his brother and friends when they returned from their night out.

Mrs Stirzaker, 43, is now hoping to raise £5,000 for the newly formed Mikey Taylor Youth Group Appeal.

Once the money is raised through community events, her aim is to acquire the current premises of the Beehive Centre on Manor Road, Fleetwood, to offer a place where teens can stay out of trouble – and avoid the kind of tragic accident that befell her son.

She said: “This is very important to me. I only wish I thought of it before Mikey died and we could have prevented his death. I think if I can prevent one child from doing something like Mikey did I will have succeeded.”

Mrs Stirzaker says her family were traumatised by the death of Mikey, but their actions to help other teenagers is offering them some closure on events of the last 10 months.

She added: “This is keeping me going. When Mikey died I just wanted to curl up and never see anything again, but this is giving me hope. I want the children to have somewhere to go, a home from home.”

Mikey lost his father when he was 12, and Mrs Stirzaker says her son had nobody to turn to on the night he died.

“It will mean the world to me to give other kids the chance to do something in the future and show them there is another way of life,” she added.

A fundraising day was held on Sunday at Fleetwood Sea Cadets on Princes Way to help towards the £5,000 needed for their charity venture. The event was organised by Michelle Bridges, the mother of one of the teenagers who discovered Mikey’s body. She said: “I feel there needs to be more to do for children in this area. If they feel lost or they want to have a laugh and a joke they can come to the Beehive Centre and do it under adult supervision. I want this youth centre to show children there is more to life.”