Sweet sound for band as new silver bugles bought

Fleetwood Old Boys Band members with their new recruitment poster
Fleetwood Old Boys Band members with their new recruitment poster

Generous Fleetwood people have helped raise enough money to purchase new silver bugles for Fleetwood Old Boys Band.

More than £2,000 has been spent on the new bugles, meaning that all players now have a new instrument.

Band spokesperson Dave Morris said: “The bugles are the same instruments used by the Royal Marines Band, they sound so sweet, they are fantastic.

“We would have liked to have replaced our 10, 30-year-old side drums but we couldn’t afford to as a single replacement drum cost around £650 each.

“Over the years, the drum chrome rims had become pitted and had, in places, formed sharp edges, sometimes cutting the hands of the drummers.

“As a refurbishment we have now had the chrome rims shot blasted and coated with matt black powder, which has enhanced the appearance and smoothed out the imperfections.

“Together with replacement skins, the drums look good and sound more snappy, similar to a Scottish pipe band’s drum.

“The drum and bugle section, the band’s main part, sound absolutely terrific.”

Thanks to a recruitment drive, the band now has six bell-lyres and six bell-lyre players, which is a first.

There are also two new female members, one who reads music and plays the clarinet as well as other brass instruments. The band is still recruiting for members. If you would like to join they meet at Fleetwood Conservative Club on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm.