Spend a few pennies on the toilets

George Fitzsimmons at the locked toilets on Laidley's Walk, Fleetwood.
George Fitzsimmons at the locked toilets on Laidley's Walk, Fleetwood.

A FRESH call has been made to re-open toilets in one of Fleetwood’s holiday areas.

When Wyre Council upgraded its public toilets two years ago, the decision was taken to close the facilities on Laidley’s Walk close to the boating lake and model yacht pond.

Visitors to that area face a trek of more than quarter of a mile to toilets at the cemetery or a journey of almost three quarters of a mile to the Marine Hall.

George Fitzsimmons who runs refreshment kiosks in the area, says it is time for a rethink.

And he is being supported by Fleetwood Town Council with Coun Mike Barrowclough set to raise the issue with Wyre.

Mr Fitzsimmons said: “This is a popular area but it’s a long way to the nearest toilets.

“We get people asking all the time where the toilets are and we have to say there aren’t any here.

“People are surprised.

“And we get elderly visitors – and people get to an age where when they have to go, they have to go.

“We have had people going against the wall.”

He added: “Wyre are not showing the area as it should be shown to visitors.

“Last week we had a family of 11 people who were disgusted because they had to walk round the streets looking for a toilet.”

When the toilets near to Mr Fitzsimmons’ outlets were closed, the ladies’ was let to the Fleetwood Nautical Campus who use it when they are training on the boating lake.

But the gents’ has remained locked.

Mr Fitzsimmons said: “I have been here 15 years and there were toilets for most of that time.

“Our trade has gone down by a quarter in the last three or four years. I know there is a recession but the lack of toilets has had some impact.”

Coun Barrowclough said: “It seems odd not to have toilets in the middle of a holiday area.

“I will be contacting Wyre about this.”

Wyre councillor Peter Murphy, the cabinet member with responsibility for toilets, said “We are happy to put up signage to point people in the right direction.

“But financially it isn’t viable for us to reintroduce toilets in that area.

“We have improved our toilets with the help of Danflo and have been so successful we have won awards.”

In last year’s Loo of the Year Awards Wyre got five stars for all but one of its toilets, the odd one out getting four stars.

It earned the council the Champions League Standards of Excellence Award.