Speed limit plans halt

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A SCHEME to slash speed limits across Lancashire has hit the buffers after complaints from residents.

Lancashire County Council looks set to drop plans to make busy West Drive, in Cleveleys, a 20mph zone after outrage from locals.

The council is spending £9m to impose blanket 20mph speed limits on all residential roads across the county by 2013.

But residents and local councillors expressed concerns that some of the main artery routes through Cleveleys should remain at 30mph when the new speed limits are introduced across the Cleveleys East area of Wyre.

And – according to a county council report – they look set to get their way.

County councillor for Thornton Cleveleys Central, Jim Lawrenson (pictured) , said: “I’m very much in favour of reducing the speed limits on estate and residential roads but I am not happy about enforcing a 20mph limit on main arteries.

“The road is very busy and everyone will shuffle up behind each other causing congestion and making it almost impossible for cars to get out onto West Drive from the side roads.

“I requested it remain as a 30mph route and I haven’t had anything confirmed yet – but it would be extremely gratifying to me if it did.”

In a county council report it states: “Approval is sought for the introduction of a 20mph speed limit order in the Cleveleys East area of Wyre.

“The local county councillors have been consulted and following extensive discussions it has been agreed that it is appropriate for West Drive – from Amounderness Way to Rossall Road –to remain 30mph as recommended.”

A section of North Drive will be subject to a speed reduction.