Sounds dull... but it’s an important Bill

Eric Ollerenshaw - My week in Westminster
Eric Ollerenshaw - My week in Westminster
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Last week in Westminster it was back to work as normal, as this year’s Parliamentary business got underway.

The Coalition government are pushing through a huge number of changes through at the moment, and a lot of important bills are at various stages of debate and discussion.

One such debate that I took part in was to do with the Local Government Finance Bill. It might not sound the most exciting bit of legislation, however, for our part of Lancashire, it’s a very important one

The point I wanted to raise, was that I welcomed the changes that local councils will be able to raise more money from encouraging the growth of local businesses, and, importantly, will be able to decided what to spend that money on.

We have been waiting years to try and reopen the railway line to Fleetwood, and I believe that these plans could help make this schemes happen sooner rather than later.

I also had another very useful meeting with Fleetwood Town Council about a number of matters including Fleetwood Beach, the return of the Trams and plans for this year’s Diamond Jubilee. I was also really pleased to hear that we now have 23 new litter bins – so let’s hope they are used properly.

Also nice to see the progress on the Marine Gardens – it really is looking good.

As always, please contact me if I can be of any help. I represent everyone that lives in Fleetwood regardless of how or whether you vote. My contact details are below.

Email: Phone: 0207 219 7096 or 01995 672975

Write: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA or 59 High Street, Great Eccleston, Lancs, PR3 0YB.