Sophia's act of kindness really makes the cut!

She's just five year's old but Sophia Beech knew exactly how should could help children struggling with side effects of chemotherapy.

Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, 12:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, 12:21 pm
5 year old Sophie Beech having her hair cut short for the Little Princess Trust. She's already raised £800. Sophie is pictured with her mum, Caroline.

The youngster had seen how children suffering cancer had lost their hair through harsh treatment through a clip she saw on an Internet blog.

And she also had a friend whose mum lost her hair when battling the disease.

So Sophia decided she wanted to do something to help and asked her mum if she could have her hair cut off to donate to the Little Princess charity which makes wigs for children fighting cancer.

The determined youngster, who is in Year 1 at Stanah Primary School, told her mum Caroline what she wanted to do and after weeks of pestering, it was clear she was not going to give up.

Her mum said: “She had seen an American girl on YouTube who was blogging about her cancer treatment, that inspired her I think and her friend’s mum, who sadly passed away, had also lost her hair through treatment too.

“She was in the bath one day and suddenly said she wanted to get her hair cut off to help children who haven’t got any.

“I just humoured her at first, thinking she would forget about it but she went on about it morning and night so in the end I sat down and explained more about it and how she would have to commit if we started fund-raising.

“She was so determined to do it.”

Caroline set up a Just Giving page with a £150 target and made an appointment at Rory Blair’s hair salon in Lord Street.

“She was a bit reluctant when she got there but once her hair had been plaited and cut, she was delighted.

“It was washed and styled into a bob cut and she absolutely loves it!

“We packaged her hair up and sent it off to the charity and she has actually raised £1,100, which will actually pay for one wig to be made.

“She doesn’t know too much detail about cancer, she’s too young, but she does understand that people become poorly and she’s aware that they can lose their hair through treatment.

“We are so proud of her.”

Sophia, was particularly pleased with the Just Giving app on her mum’s phone which made the sound of a penny dropping into a money box every time a donation was pledged online.

“She’s really liked that, she ran to me every time she heard the sound!”

The youngster lives on Bristol Avenue with her mum and dad, Stuart, who is a loss adjuster, and her two older brothers.

Added Caroline: “We are so proud of her.”

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