Shop’s newest arrival is out to make a name for himself...

Julie Harrison, Steve Wallbank,  "fat butcher", Frank Porter and Gemma Smith at Prime Cuts butchers on Lord Street.
Julie Harrison, Steve Wallbank, "fat butcher", Frank Porter and Gemma Smith at Prime Cuts butchers on Lord Street.

He’s tall, well turned out and is the epitome of a traditional English butcher, but no one knows his name.

Well, all that’s about to change – and how!

Prime Cuts, the butchers on Lord Street, Fleetwood, is seeking a name for their new imposing but friendly-looking mannequin, who stands outside their shop during trading hours.

They are holding a competition for children aged under 14, and forms, available across the counter, will all be put in a bucket and the winner pulled out on Tram Sunday, July 20.

A big prize – £100 worth of Pleasure Beach tickets – will go to the child whose suggested name is drawn, as long as it is deemed appropriate, of course!

The “fat butcher”, as he is affectionately but rather 
unflatteringly-known at present, arrived a couple of weeks ago.

It was all the idea of Steve Wallbank, who runs the butcher’s shop with business partner, Frank Porter.

Steve forked out £490 for him after surfing the net and discovering a website called Jolly Rogers. With that kind of investment, Steve hopes the big fellow will earn his chops by brightening up Lord Street.

He explained: “When I was a kid, I remember going into Blackpool town centre and seeing something like him outside a butcher’s shop, and it was brilliant.

“I’ve always remembered it, and ever since we set up Prime Cuts eight years ago, I’ve wanted one.

“I didn’t know where to start, really, but the internet has made everything easier.”

All the staff attest to the 
interest the newcomer has been receiving, especially from children.

Steve added: “That’s what gave me the idea to have this competition.

“And the winner won’t just win tickets to the Pleasure Beach – they will get their name on a plaque at the bottom of the fat butcher.

“It will have his name, and their name, too. When they’re older they can always point it out!”

The big fellow is popular with staff at the shop, which used to be located on the corner of North Albert Street.

But they’re getting a little nervous now because Steve has also pointed out that the same supplier 
also has a full sized cow!

Gemma Smith, who works at the butchers, groaned: “We’ll have a full herd of them, if we’re not careful!”