School extension to give vital extra space

Artist's impression of an extension planned for Shakespeare Primary School, Fleetwood.
Artist's impression of an extension planned for Shakespeare Primary School, Fleetwood.

A FLEETWOOD school in desperate need of more space is to get a £700,000 extension.

Shakespeare Primary School is to benefit from four new classrooms as a result of the move.

The expansion will allow the rest of the school to be revamped and is designed to give improved education opportunities to its 417 pupils.

Headteacher Susan Bartlett explained: “We are in desperate need of extra space.

“We are an over-subscribed school which began as a small infants’ school but have expanded over the years.

“We don’t have the luxury of space and we have a need for separate rooms as some of our classrooms are small.

“With the sort of intervention work we have to do we have nowhere to withdraw children when they need to go out of the classroom for group work.

“But we will be given four lovely sized classrooms and our smaller classrooms can be used for other purposes.

“We will be able to remodel the inside of the school with new offices and entrance area, a room for presentations, a nurture room for children who need a little more TLC.

“We will also have two small rooms to use which will ease teaching in one of our halls because we don’t have the space to withdraw children for group work.”

Mrs Bartlett became headteacher at Shakespeare in 2008 but spent 11 years as a teacher there earlier in her career.

She said: “When I first came here, it was just seven classes but now we have 14 classes. Four classrooms have been added but we still don’t have enough space.

“We have a lot of children wanting to come here, and that’s lovely, but we have no separate spaces which makes things very difficult.”

The work is part of an £18.5m budget for improvements in all seven of the town’s primary schools.

Like the rest, Shakespeare will be given a wi-fi internet connection and up-to-date computer technology with iPads and other items on their shopping list.

School developments are going through the planning process and building is expected to start in the new year.