Savings to be made in appointing boss

Donna Hall - chief executive at Wyre Council
Donna Hall - chief executive at Wyre Council
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PLANS have been revealed for replacing Wyre’s top boss.

Chief executive Donna Hall is due to step down from her post at Wyre Council in August to take up a new role as the new deputy chief executive at Wigan Council.

The borough council have says the replacement could see savings of more than £70,000 per year.

Proposals for her successor include an internal appointment and a smaller senior management team, which if agreed by the full council will save an extra £21,000 a year.

These savings would be on top of the £50,000 annual savings made when Ms Hall took on the role through a shared arrangement with Chorley Council last November.

The plan is for a full time chief executive supported by two corporate directors, recruited from among the existing three directors.

This will be put to the full council on June 9 and, if given the green light, an appointment will be made as soon as possible.

Coun Peter Gibson, leader of the Council, said: “While we are disappointed to see Donna leave, I am confident that we will find her successor internally as we have a very strong team of managers.

“This would give us some continuity and allow us to create even further savings than we originally promised our Council Tax payers.

“Donna has started a journey to transform Wyre Council and its services and we intend to keep heading in that same direction.”

The appointment will be made by a committee made up of at least one opposition councillor.

Coun Clive Grunshaw, leader of the opposition, said: “Only departing chief executive Donna Hall will know the real reasons for her decision to quit Wyre Council so quickly.

“It has taken just a few short months for her to realise that Wyre Council is just a façade – it looks okay from a distance but once you peak behind the glossy veneer there is very little there.

“The lack of direction at the top of Wyre Council is becoming very disturbing. “There is a vacuum in political leadership that is reacting to circumstances rather than setting a strategic vision.

“Over the past six months the management model has changed three times; and not once has Wyre Council advertised externally for any of these senior officer positions.

“Without fair competition how is it possible for the council tax payers of Wyre to know they have got the best people available to fill these posts?

“Maybe by operating a closed-shop strategy it may avoid anyone from the outside finding out that Wyre Council really is a ‘Rotten Borough’?”