Safety warning over use of naked flame garden implements


Fleetwood firefighters are warning members of the public to exercise caution when using garden implements which have an open naked flame.

Lee Munday, the Northern fire safety manager for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, said a spate of serious accidents in Lancashire have outlined the risks as use of such implements continues to rise.

One incident was the tragic death of Chorley woman Lisa Jones, 19, who was badly burned during an incident last month involving a chimenea wood-burning heater and died 11 days later because of her injuries.

The teenager suffered 28 per cent burns on her body after an accelerant was used to try to light the chimenea.

Speaking at Fleetwood Fire Station, Mr Munday said such incidents were more likely to occur when people relaxed over social garden events in the summer months.

He added: “A naked flame is potentially lethal and when people are in a relaxed social setting, they are perhaps a little less vigilant.

“At the end of a busy day an open fire can seem relaxing, but issues can arise when the fire is first lit or when it looks like it is dying out.

“The same can be said of social bonfires, open ash pans or burning garden waste.”

Lancashire Fire and Rescue has issued the following advice:

n Do not ignite any naked flame if drinking alcohol;

n Always read the manufacturers instructions for igniting them;

n Never leave an open flame, always guard it;

n Keep children away from naked open flames;

n Keep fires away from tents and awnings;

n If a fire dies down then only try to re-light it with paper or kindling – if this fails then the fire should be left or totally cleaned out and ignition started again; and

n Never put flammable liquid on to an existing fire.