Rubbish danger on streets

LOAD OF RUBBISH: Household waste strewn about on Greenfield Road, Fleetwood.
LOAD OF RUBBISH: Household waste strewn about on Greenfield Road, Fleetwood.

A MEDICATION syringe and a box of prescription tablets were among items which spilled from a bin bag on a Fleetwood street, it is claimed.

The potentially harmful contents found on the Greenfield Road estate have prompted a Fleetwood community leader to call for Wyre Council to tackle those who cause their rubbish to litter the streets.

Ivor Bould

Ivor Bould

Ivor Bould, of local residents’ liaison body the North Fleetwood Management Group, says he is terrified children could get their hands on any needles or pills left out on the pavement.

Residents on the estate still use black bin bags because of access issues with wheelie bins, but when the bags are put out at the wrong times, litter is often left on the streets when they rip.

Mr Bould said he saw the dangerous items come out of a torn bin bag and told the Weekly News: “This all comes down to a few householders in our communities consistently putting their rubbish out too early. On our estate the bin men come on Monday at around l0am or 11am.

“So why do some people continue to put their rubbish out at teatime the night before?

“The bags get ripped by seagulls or cats, and the contents spill out all over the street.

“It looks a terrible mess and lets the community down, and some of the items left out, including these prescription pills and a syringe, could be a danger to children.

“It happens all over Fleetwood where there are black bags, and the council needs to threaten those responsible with hefty fines to make them stop it.”

A Wyre Council spokesman said: “When we get a complaint from the public about bins or bags being put out too early, an officer will visit the site. If it is obvious where the bins are from we will initially talk to the individual. If it is not obvious where the bins are from we letter drop houses. If it continues we look at further action.”