Row over Fleetwood PACT meetings

A Fleetwood Town Council member says the new style of PACT meetings is a mistake and believes they should be switched back to their original format.

Coun Jack Harrison is unhappy the Police and Community Together sessions, which give residents a chance to air local concerns with the police, are now being held in tents outside supermarkets.

The new arrangements were introduced due to low attendances at indoor venues in each ward.

But Coun Harrison says they should return to the original ward sessions at local community centres.

The Rossall councillor said: “PACT meetings are a chance for residents to speak out about issues that are troubling them, and all those who go along are in a similar boat.

“ It is not always easy speaking about youth nuisance or noise issues, for example, so trying to speak to the police when passers-by at the supermarket can listen is just not good.”

However, Bob Winston, chairman of the PACT executive, said: “We’ve had three new sessions so far and they have proved far more successful. In one, we had 28 incidents raised, including one about drug dealing. Jack says people are worried speaking out, but the ward sessions weren’t exactly private.”

The next session is at Asda on Saturday June 15, 1 to 3pm.