RNLI crew in SOS for new lifejackets

Fleetwood RNLI crew
Fleetwood RNLI crew

FLEETWOOD’S lifeboat crew are sending out an SOS for help in purchasing new lifejackets.

The volunteer crew is taking part in the RNLI’s national SOS day on Friday January 27 - the biggest fundraising day in the organisation’s calendar.

Thirty-three stations in the North, including Fleetwood, will receive the innovative jackets in the coming months, but they come with a hefty price tag of £3,000.

Incorporating the latest material technology, the new lifejackets have been designed by the RNLI and manufacturer Crewsaver specifically to meet the charity’s search and rescue requirements and are a far cry from the original cork lifejackets invented by RNLI Inspector Captain Ward in 1854.

To help pay for these vital pieces of kit, the Fleetwood crew is appealing for help from the public.

Fleetwood lifeboat spokesman Tony Clark said: “We are basically asking if anyone wants take part in SOS day and raise money or make a donation.

“We are looking to raise the £3000 pounds for the new jackets on the day.

“It would be great if local people could raise the money for their local crew.”

The lifeboat shop will be open and the station will be manned all day and open to the public for a tour round. Other fundraising initatives will also take place on the day.

Andy Clift, RNLI Inspector, North, said: ‘The RNLI’s volunteer lifeboatmen and women often put themselves in difficult and dangerous situations while rescuing others and to help them carry out their role as safely as possible, we owe it to our crews to provide them with the very best equipment available.

“However, our charity is only able to do that with the generosity and support of the public, who I hope will do all they can to help us raise the funds needed.”

The new lifejackets will provide a comfortable, secure fit, leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness in lifesaving.

There are two designs, one to be worn on all-weather lifeboats and the other on inshore lifeboats.