Revealed: The best and worst food hygiene ratings in Wyre

1st Stop Takeaway Hambleton
1st Stop Takeaway Hambleton

Six Wyre food businesses were told to make immediate improvements after getting the lowest possible food hygiene rating.

Council inspectors acted swiftly following visits to the premises which have been highlighted in the latest Food Standards Agency ratings.

King's Arms in Garstang.

King's Arms in Garstang.

The six include; 1st Stop Takeaway, Hambleton Service station in Shard Lane; Croston Wines in Croston Road Garstang; The Kings Arms High Street, Garstang; Poulton Town FC Clubhouse, Blackpool Old Road, Poulton; Trinity Baptist Church, Poulton Road, Fleetwood and Z Witrylak and Sons, Lord Street, Fleetwood.

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Poulton Town FC Clubhouse

Poulton Town FC Clubhouse

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All were both handed a zero rating by the FSA in the July figures which show that 78 of the 781 eating places in Wyre borough were said to be below satisfactory with a zero to two rating.

Just six had a zero rating for hygiene, meaning that urgent improvement is necessary, 36 had a rating of just one and 36 a rating of two.

However, 90 per cent of places serving food were rated satisfactory or better, meaning that most Wyre food outlets made the grade.

A total of 83 made the satisfactory grade with a three rating, 162 made the good grade and 458 had the very good rating, grade five.

Most of the dates of the visits range from 2014 to spring 2015 and some of the premises may have been revisited since and are awaiting their categories updating.

No-one was available for comment from three of the zero rated establishments but a spokesman for Enterprise Inns which runs the Kings arms said

“The Kings Arms rating followed a visit on November 3, 2014 when the pub was traded by a previous tenant who had responsibility for all aspects of the business they operated at the premises.

“The pub has since been closed for an extensive refurbishment and has recently reopened under a new operator.

“The kitchen is not in use at the moment as the pub does not currently serve food. We are certain that when the Pub does decide to develop the food business, the new operator will work closely with the local authorities to ensure practices are of the highest standards.”

Dave Sponder, general secretary at Poulton FC said the club had simply fallen foul of the paperwork that has to be done when operating a food business.

He said: “Regarding the Hygiene rating at the Poulton FC clubhouse, when we were inspected last July our Hygiene was passed 100 per cent.

“Unfortunately for us our paper work was not filled in as required, therefore the inspector was unable to award us any stars but was not going take any further action.

“Since then everything has been done to the book, but we have not been inspected this year as yet.”

Rasool Sam from the 1st Stop Takeaway said when the inspector visited on Mar 27 this year, it was a Friday and the staff were too busy.

He said: “It is nothing to do with compliance it was just that the staff on the day were so busy they did not let the inspector in.

“They have been back since and there are no problems.”

A spokesman for Wyre Borough Council said: “The council works closely with food premises to help them improve food hygiene standards and give members of the public confidence in choosing where they can eat safely.

“We operate a graduated approach however if businesses do not engage we have no hesitation in taking formal action.

“The vast majority of food premises in Wyre comply with the standards however we recommend that members of the public check ratings when choosing where to eat, as this will provide an added incentive to business owners not to let standards slip.”

One of the winners of the five stars was the Cala Gran Holiday Park at Thornton.

Jayne Mushet, General Manager at Cala Gran Holiday Park, said: “We are all delighted with this award.

“It is all down to the dedication and professionalism of Team Members who produce healthy, high quality and exciting meals throughout the entire season. Our menus are especially designed to cater for all the family, no matter their ages, and people with special dietary requirements.”

Another winner was the Little Restaurant at the Strawberry Gardens pub in Fleetwood.

TV star Syd Little, who recently appeared on Celebrity Masterchef and whose wife Sheree runs the kitchen said they were delighted to get the top rating.

He said: “It is my wife Sheree’s business and I only help out... unpaid!

“It is really important to keep standards up and there is a lot of work in the catering industry.

“Reports have to be filled in every day, what has been cleaned, what the temperatures are on the freezers and fridges, all sorts so I can understand how some may slip up.

“We have been running this for two and half years and it has really opened my eyes to just how hard people in this industry work.”

Craig McOmish who runs three kiosks in Fleetwood also picked up five stars fro his establishments.

He said: “I take food hygiene very seriously. The Fleetwood Beach Kiosk is our main one and is open all year round. It is important that the customers, the tourists and our local regulars can see how spotless we keep the kiosk and we are happy that they can see in and see our rating.

“I am not sure how seriously members of the public take the ratings but it is important for people’s peace of mind.”

The hygiene ratings scheme is run by local authorities in England, Northern Ireland and Wales in partnership with the Food Standards Agency.

Eateries are judged on three criteria:

• How hygienically the food is handled – how it is prepared, cooked, re-heated, cooled and stored.

• The condition of the structure of the buildings – the cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation and other facilities.

• How the business manages and records what it does to make sure food is safe.

• food hygiene rating of zero, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that a business has performed badly in all areas.

A business, for example, can get a low overall score if food safety is poorly managed with no records in place, despite the premises being incredibly clean and the food handled in a hygienic way.