Residents complain over grass mowing delay

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Residents of a Fleetwood community say their green space was left to turn into a meadow after it was forgotten by gardeners.

Long grass and weeds took over the space outside properties in Pool Court for five weeks – a time span which residents felt was too long.

Bill Cavanagh, of Pool Court, said it had been well over a month when the lawnmowers finally appeared.

He said: “They used to cut it more often but it hadn’t been done for nearly five weeks. It was looking like a meadow!”

Mr Cavanagh, 72, said the grass was cut on March 1, then on April 15 before the most recent cut on Wednesday.

“It was getting pretty scruffy and looked tufty. I was wondering if they had forgotten to do Pool Court because the grass at Larkholme Parade had been done, the area at the shops and also Mere Avenue. “ Rossall Ward councillor Ted Taylor said he had to call Wyre Council to prompt them into action. He said: “It was done the next day but it’s a service to the community and you shouldn’t have to make a complaint.” Mr Cavanagh added: “I know they haven’t put council tax up but I would be happy to pay an extra £1 a year if it would mean keeping services more regular.”

A spokeswoman for Wyre Borough Council said the green spaces were cut every three to four weeks weather permitting.”