Rescuers rush to save seagull-chasing dogs

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Fleetwood’s lifeboat crew were called out to rescue a couple of casualties caught out in ‘woof’ seas.

The crew rushed more than a mile out to rescue two dogs, cut off by the tide and struggling in the waters, after 
apparently running off to chase seagulls.

Dogs Dixie and Shadow were picked up more than a mile from the shore of the port 
after getting cut off by the tide.

Coastguard crews were alerted at around 3pm on Thursday after the labradors were spotted by a watch team at Rossall Observation Point.

Lifeboat crews have said the dogs, which had been 
reported missing earlier in the day from a home on Lowther Road, Fleetwood, might not have made the mile-long swim back.

Coxswain Paul Ashworth said: “The dogs were struggling to swim in the very choppy sea. They wouldn’t have made it. They must have gone out chasing seagulls.

“They were a couple of miles from the shore and swimming back but got tired.”

Two volunteer crewmen, Skip Frith and Ian Ellarby, were guided to the dogs, a golden and a chocolate labrador, by the team at the observation point. Coxswain Paul added: “There are some dog 
lovers here, luckily.”

Crew members said the dogs were in a healthy 
condition – but were more than happy to make it back to dry land by around 4pm.

A spokesman for Liverpool Coastguard said: “They were two lovely labradors.

“Rossall Observation called saying they could see them stranded and tired.

“Fleetwood coastguard rescue team, the inshore 
lifeboat from the RNLI went out.”

The dogs were reunited with their owner by the 
lifeboat crew and Wyre 
Council’s dog warden, who had the missing pair reported to the service earlier in the day.