Rescuer saves Boris the pig’s bacon

Boris the  micro-pig is the latest to outgrow his welcome after being bought as a pet.
Boris the micro-pig is the latest to outgrow his welcome after being bought as a pet.

Little Boris may look pretty adorable... but someone was so desperate to get rid of this petite porker they dumped him next to a Fylde coast tip.

The ‘micro-pig’ was found tied to the railings at the Jameson Road water treatment plant in Fleetwood.

Worryingly he is just the latest pig – believed to have been bought as a domestic pet – to find themselves no longer wanted after seemingly outgrowing their unsuspecting owner’s home.

One Fylde coast animal lover says the problem is now so bad she has taken in nine abandoned pigs in as many months.

Boris – as he was named by rescuers who found him at the plant next to Wyre’s main recycling centre – is a black, male KuneKune type.

RSPCA inspector Mandi Taylor said: “I suspect someone has bought him as a piglet as a house pet, and then he has got too big for their house so abandoned him.

“Unfortunately this is becoming more of a problem as people buy a small pig and as they get bigger they cannot afford to feed them. They can eat a lot and space becomes limited to keep them.

“I’ve been made aware that the day before he was found, a man in a van went to a local farm and asked if they would take a pig to which they said no.

“So it appears this person then drove around the corner and tied him up. He was tied up using a bright yellow lead.”

Boris, who was found on January 30, is described by RSPCA staff as friendly and has clearly been brought up around people.

He is now being cared for by Sue Walsh, who runs a smallholding in Greenhalgh and takes in abandoned pets.

She said: “This is the ninth pig in nine months I’ve taken in.

“We need to raise awareness about this. They are very intelligent animals and are cute and cuddly when they are small.

“But they can weigh up to 10st when they are full size and they are phenomenally powerful. They can easily move a settee.

“They will dig up the garden, eat the roses, rip up carpets. They don’t have a place in a domestic home.

“They have sharp, rodent-like teeth which can give a nasty bite – they can bite a turnip in half. People need to understand this.”

The RSPCA is now trying to trace Boris’s owner.

Anyone who would like to make a donation towards veterinary costs can do so at the Fylde RSPCA Advice Centre, 1A North Albert St, Fleetwood.

Alternatively you can text HELP110 to 70099 to donate £3 which goes towards any RSPCA investigation.

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