Rebecca cooks up a storm with book of recipes

Rebecca Inman with her Budget Menu Queen book
Rebecca Inman with her Budget Menu Queen book

This Cleveleys mum certainly has the recipe for success.

Her first book, Budget Menu Queen, has proved a big hit.

And Rebecca Inman, who works at Blackpool and the Fylde College, has just celebrated the second anniversary of setting up her Facebook page, which kicked everything off.

She had the idea of posting recipes to let people know 21st century family meals could be created for as little as £2.50 – or even less.

The mum-of-one adapted recipes from cookery books used by her grandmother during the Second World War.

Rebecca soon reached nearly 5,000 followers on Facebook on her Budget Menu Queen and then set up a website with the recipes.

But after being contacted by a lot of people asking for a copy of her book, she decided to contact a publisher.

Her book was published last year and received rave reviews. It became a number one best-seller on Amazon soon after release.

It was also featured at London Book Fair in April.

What sets her recipes apart is the fact she costs each ingredient individually and lists the cheapest place to buy them at the time.

Rebecca won a Special Recognition Award, at the Wyre Walk Of Fame, for helping people in the current economic times.

She said: “I never expected it to grow so big.

“When I first started the Facebook page, I didn’t imagine there would be that level of interest. It became a really nice little community.

“And it all just really took off. It’s just been a whirlwind.

“I just wanted to show people you can basically eat well and live for less, and I think with all the recent TV shows along similar lines, it’s something people have really been thinking about.

“Cooking is something I feel really passionate about.

“I just wanted to educate people to show them they can eat good, healthy foods and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

“You can buy frozen vegetables, for example. They are just as good as fresh veg, they can work out cheaper and there’s no waste.

“I try to keep things simple to make and use ingredients people can find easily.

“People will sometimes say to me ‘I’ve got these ingredients left over in the fridge, what can I make with them?’ And I enjoy thinking of a recipe or idea.”

Since taking on her job at the college, in her role providing support for students, Rebecca has also been doing some sessions on cooking on a budget – both for students and staff.

Visit or search on Facebook for budget menu queen.