Race against time to save iconic church

Mount Methodist Church, Fleetwood
Mount Methodist Church, Fleetwood

It’s a race against time to save one of the town’s most historic and iconic buildings.

Mount Methodist Church is 105 years old and is being forced to close its doors on December 31 because of dwindling numbers and financial pressures.

But parishioners have now launched a last ditch attempt to try to save the church as a community centre.

In a heartfelt plea, church member Christine Riley is hoping Fleetwood people will come forward to breath new life into the building.

Christine, of Galloway Road, said: “Its closure is a loss to all the thousands of people from Fleetwood who have baptised their children, or been married, or held funerals for members of their families there. It is a loss for the Busy Bees nursery who use the old Sunday School as their base. It is a loss for the many people who use the wonderful facilities there to play badminton, attend concerts, hold family parties and many other functions.”

The church is a venue for Fleetwood Music and Arts Festival every year.

Christine added: “It is a loss for Fleetwood itself.

“Is there any organisation or individual who can help give a new life to the Mount as a focus for the community while respecting its history and retaining at least in some small part a spiritual focus on the seafront at Fleetwood?”

Fleetwood Town Council chairman Alan Marsh said: “I think it’s a tremendous old building, there has to be a use for it.

“Instead of it just being a church, the use needs to be extended to make it more publicly accessible for all kinds of purposes – scouts, tea afternoons, all of those things could operate from a building like that.

“It’s in a very deprived ward and it should be made more viable, it can’t just close.

“People need to come on board and we need to let people know there is a need for it.”

Christine added: “From a personal point of view, it is a very sad and painful prospect to think this beautiful church which has been the focus both of my spiritual and social life, the place where our children were baptised and our parents were buried, will have its fine interior and magnificent organ stripped out.