Quick, easy way to get medicine for patients

Dr Mark Spencer of the Mount View Surgery, Fleetwood
Dr Mark Spencer of the Mount View Surgery, Fleetwood

A revolutionary new service is making collecting a prescription much more simple and convenient for patients in parts of Wyre.

The free electronic prescription service is now in place at all GP practices across Fleetwood and Thornton.

There are many obvious benefits of electronic prescribing

The service allows GP surgeries to send prescriptions electronically, to a pharmacy – rather than the patient having to deliver a paper prescription by hand. The prescription is sent direct to a pharmacy convenient for the patient, such as one near to work or home.

It means patients no longer have to make a trip to their GP surgery just to collect a prescription, which is especially useful to those patients who receive repeat prescriptions.


The Mount View Practice, in Fleetwood was the first practice to introduce electronic prescriptions. Since then, around 4,000 patients, roughly 40 per cent of patients registered, have signed up.

Dr Mark Spencer, GP at the practice, said: “There are many obvious benefits of electronic prescribing. People with repeat prescriptions no longer have to visit their GP to collect a prescription and there is no risk of losing a paper prescription between the surgery and the pharmacy.”

Patients who want to start using the service can talk to their pharmacist or speak to staff at their GP reception.

The service will be rolled out to all GP surgeries across Fylde and Wyre over the next 12 months.