Prolific author’s 29th novel inspired by film star

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A prolific writer of romance and suspense novels has just had her 29th book published.

And Fleetwood woman Margaret Blake took inspiration from sources as diverse as Greece and the late actor, Richard Burton, to help create one of the main characters.

The contemporary novel, Under a Grecian Moon, is set on a romantic Greek island and in London.

Margaret‘s heroine is an Englishwoman, Evie, who unexpectedly meets up with an old flame, the splendidly-named Lander Drakos, from Greece. What he has to tell her has a shattering effect on the present, future and past.

Manchester-born Margaret, who has lived on Hatfield Avenue, Fleetwood, for 20 years, has seen some of her books become best sellers in America. In 2009 she was nominated for an Epic Award given by the Electronically Published Internet Connection over in the States.

Margaret, 72, said about her latest work: “Although I have been to Cyprus, I have never been to Greece. I did a lot of reading and conjured up the sort of place I wanted.

“Sometimes your own experiences can cast a shadow over a place and I didn’t really want any personal associations with the island in this book, so not going there wasn’t really a problem.

“With characters, I take inspiration from all sort of things and for Lander Drakos, it was a film. One of my favourite films is The VIPs, with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. He was playing a Greek tycoon, Paul Andros, and I just loved his character. At last I have the chance to put a bit of that in one of my books!”

Under A Grecian Moon is published by Whiskey Creek Press and available as a paperback and e-book from

Chatsworth Library willreceive a copy shortly.