Probe begins into devastating marina motor cruiser inferno

This was the dramatic sight at Fleetwood Marina when a luxury vessel burst into flames.

Firefighters were called to the scene at 7.40am on Sunday to find the motor cruiser Sea Mayden already well alight, with flames roaring around it.

Six fire crew members wore breathing apparatus to get close to the boat and used powerful jets to douse the flames.

Although it took a relatively short space of time – less than 30 minutes – to extinguish the inferno, the fire crew then had to use thermal imaging cameras to ensure there were no embers burning away out of sight, ready to ignite again.

No one was hurt in the incident, which was also attended by the local coastguard and representatives of port authority, Associated British Ports.

Now an investigation is underway as to the cause of the blaze, which caused massive damage to the vessel.

Eventually the charred cruiser was towed into the dry dock.

One man who was relieved to see his own vessel escape unharmed was businessman Andy Dobson, of Atlas Sailing.

Mr Dobson’s yacht Atlas, which he uses for sailing lessons, is usually moored next to Sea Mayden – but last week it was lifted up into the dry dock for maintenance work.

Mr Dobson, the Atlas skipper, said: “It was very fortunate that Atlas was lifted into the dry dock last week for maintenance because she had been moored immediately next to the flaming vessel.

“It could very well have caused severe damaged to Atlas and resulted in the business being potentially destroyed.”

John Taylor, spokesman for Lancashire Fire and Rescue, said: “It was a significant fire but it was dealt with fairly quickly.

“However, the fire fighters needed to remain at the scene longer to carry out thermal imaging to make sure there were no hidden embers.

“They also needed to ensure there were no oil or fuel leaks which could make the scene potentially unsafe.

“The investigation into the cause of the blaze is under way.”